Forwel-kirti Constant Current
Resistance Welding Controller

with inbuilt Current Monitor Function

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Kirti is the Only Authorised Forwel Dealer for INDIA



Perfect for achieving best results

Smart Weld Monitor gives 100% certainty of welded spots


Strong Projection Nut Welding, avoids re-tapping & additional Co2 tag*. Saves cost


Gives leak-proof sure-seam welding


Easily retrofits to the existing machine


Multiple weld schedules for varied thickness on the same job can be set


Electrode dressing alarm

Controlled Weld Ecosystem

To make each weld perfect

Controller supplies stable welding current by secondary feed-back constant current method. Thus maintaining the current as per 'Set Value' throughout the welding process.

Benefits for Nut Projection Welding -

  • The welded nut withstands 2 times breaking torque that of standard specification
  • No Retapping
  • No Co2 Tagging
  • Minimizes Rework, Reduces Cost
  • Avoids frequent Destruction Testing
  • No adverse effects on the Threads and thus responds to go-no go test positively

Money Back Guaranty

You can now buy and test our Resistance Welding Controller without any worries as we assure you 100% money back guarantee.

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Models & Specifications

Type Controller Control Power Valve Output Mounting Networking Capability
Secondary Feedback Resistance Welding Controller AK-54 220v AC Relay Output Vertical & Horizontal Rs485/ RS232
Secondary Feedback Resistance Welding Controller SK-54 90~220v AC Relay Output Vertical & Horizontal Rs485/ RS232
Voltage Compensation Type Resistance Welding Controller SK-24 90~220v AC SSR Output (220vAC) Vertical & Horizontal Not Available
Three Phase DC Controller AK-32 220v AC Relay Output Vertical Not Available

Other Features

  • Parts of different thickness can be weld in the same welding sequence by calling Multiple Weld Schedules
  • 15 weld schedules can be set
  • External schedule select
  • Controller has self-adjustment for maximum current
  • Data acquisition software - optional
  • Prints of welding schedules, real-time & of errors
RS 485 Network Specifications (Optional)

  • By using Welding Data Logger(Fcom_V2.3) Software Welding Data can be collected from each AK54  Controller at real time and the collected data can be  stored by Excel file at computer.
  • One PC can be linked to maximum 32 units of AK54.- Weld Current Data and Schedule Data can be requested to each of AK54, then the data can be seen and printed.

  • Weld Schedule can be changed by PC.

  • When welding defects is occurred, event monitoring is available and time and weld current data can be checked easily at real time.

  • Opto-Isolated RS485 Card (Option) is installed inside of AK54.

  • PC and AK54 is connected by 2 electric wires and  the length is maximum 1.2 Km

FORWEL-Kirti AK-54 Specifications

  • Horizontal and vertical dimensions for AK-54( Horizontal and Vertical model) - 288mm x 207mm
  • Weight - 1 kg
  • Networking of upto 32 machines (optional)
  • 9 Steppers / Linear Stepper
  • 2 Pressure Valve Output and 7_Operations
  • Current 1, 2, 3 Monitor with High/Low Monitor
  • 3 easy-to-operate counters to aid in systematic quality control and tipdressing schedules
  • PC and RS485 Network Interface (Optional)
Accessories of Forwel-Kirti Controller

  • Toroidal Coil 450mm or 600mm
  • Remote Cable 485 Converter
  • Remote Control Panel
  • 485/232 Card